Escape from Obesity: the route out of the diet jungle, George Bekes
George Bekes

Escape from Obesity: the route out of the diet jungle

This book is about how different foods work within your body: how some of them give you the nutrition and energy you need; while others give you energy but provide little or no nutrition and have a powerful tendency to lay down fat. If you eat the nutritional foods and exclude the fat-building foods, even if you eat as much as you did before, you will lose weight.

So does this book promote a tasteless, boring diet that you won't want to eat? Not at all. It provides a route map to dietary changes which will enable you to choose your ingredients and lose weight while enjoying meals that will probably be more appetising and healthier
than the ones you eat today.

But be warned. Much of what you currently believe about food and diets will be challenged by the author. For decades the food industry and some in the medical profession have given advice that has caused rather than cured some of our most pressing health problems and has actually created today's obesity epidemic.

So read this book and seize your chance to Escape from Obesity.
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