Marilyn Fae

Ganged by the Groomsmen

Eighteen-year old Sallie's life is about to be turned upside down. When her best friend asks her for a favor a day before her wedding, it seems rude to deny her, regardless of how crazy her request is. She wants Sallie to sleep with her groom so she can have her own last night of being crazy fun with men of her choosing.

She should say no.

Dominic is devastatingly gorgeous and powerful. And she's in love with him.

Inhibitions are shed when she finds herself in the presence of the Alpha Werewolf she promised to bed. Dominic likes things hard and fast and he is not about to hold back just because of her inexperience or their difference in size.

Little does she know the night of passion is about to change everything. She's claimed by not just the Alpha, but his pack mates in public as strangers look at her petite body being filled up in every way imaginable and she is helpless to do anything but submit.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

“How're you, pup?” he asks. It's an old habit, calling her pup because she's the youngest of their ragtag of friends. She's not a pup anymore, but it's hard to think of her as a grown up when she's bundled up in the thick jackets and trembling.

“I'm good,” she says with a small smile, her scent going a little nervous, though still so very lovely. “You?”

“I could be better,” he says. He feels frustrated and having her so close is bringing more emotions to the surface. He's not used to feeling this much. He peers up at her and is overwhelmed by the inexplicable urge to lunge forward and kiss her.

She nods, like she understands. “I'm sorry about Jenny. I know she can be… a little much. But she promises this is the last one and then she's going to be totally loyal to just you.”

Sweet little Sallie. She actually believes that. He smiles. “Of course.”

“And you're not— you weren't really serious about following through with um— what you told her, right?” she asks.

He furrows his brows at that. What? A better man would let her get away with that, especially since she let him know that she's still a virgin. Maybe she's saving herself up for someone special, someone she loves. “It would hardly be fair for me if I were to let this opportunity pass by, would it?”

She frowns as the words begin to sink in, and then her cheeks take a truly lovely color. Poor, innocent thing.

He's going to ruin her.
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