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Summary of Putin Country by Anne Garrels | Includes Analysis

Putin Country is an account of foreign correspondent Anne Garrels’s travels in, and study of, Chelyabinsk, Russia. Chelyabinsk is a region of south central Russia located at the southern end of the Ural mountain chain, on the border of Europe and Asia. Although cosmopolitan Moscow is familiar to European and Western observers, Chelyabinsk is more typical of Russia as a whole, not least in its support for Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Soviet Union dissolved in 1991 after decades of Communist rule. People in Russia were at first hopeful that the country would experience a new era of openness and prosperity. Instead, President Boris Yeltsin’s regime was notoriously corrupt. The rapid transition away from government economic control led to chaos and economic hardship.

The chaos of the 1990s made people in Chelyabinsk welcome the rise of Putin in 2000. Many Russians view Putin as a strong leader working to restore…

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