Marek Laskiewicz

Russia WW3?

The chapter headings are listed below to present the book structure clearly, which mirrors its thesis, namely that a world war is still possible brought about by a theoretically likely crisis whereupon a dictator will arise with a consequent world war, which may terminate the world, though we can avoid this future.

2 The World War 3 Problem

3 The Crisis Route

4 Systemic Crisis Causer: Communistish Russia is Metastable

5 Nationalistic Crisis Causer: Challenger Russia

6 Antagonistic Crisis Promoter: Unbalanced West, Notably USA

7 Situational Crisis Promoter: World War 3 is Unexpected

8 Crisis Multipliers

9 The Key Crisis

10 Further Crisis Analyses

11 Neocommunist Dictator

12 Neocommunist Russia

13 World War 3

14 Possible Futures

15 World Crisis Management

There are also three summary tables.

This academic book is about the possibility that World War 3 may break out soon. It presents a thesis that there is a non-negligible probability of any crisis with Russia spiralling into a military confrontation that might turn into a world war involving weapons of mass destruction that could result in world termination. It is based on the author's theory, politysm, that he has developed over the past 25 years, hence he has been warning publicly about this probable future since 1990, notably that Russia is like Weimar Germany. So the world is not yet free of the nuclear holocaust eventuality, and worryingly the author predicted in his 1993 book Russia and World War III, that the most likely fatal crisis site would be — Ukraine.
194 printed pages
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