Tom Heinan

The Midnight Beach

Ana's longtime partner Amber has gone missing, and Ana has set out to find her, armed with little more than a cryptic clue about her last known location: the Midnight Beach.
Guided by Doro, a giant skeleton fashioned of driftwood and burlap, she sets out on a desperate journey across an otherworldly landscape, at once familiar and improbable. Ana's search leads her to Istabar, a colorful, bustling metropolis of infinite possibility. She soon discovers, however, that the city's whimsical veneer hides a darker reality when she's implicated in the death of a powerful dignitary.
Her quest derailed by accusations of murder, Ana must find a way to clear her name, lest she and Amber both become lost to the sands of the Midnight Beach forever…
195 printed pages
Original publication



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