Jonathan Pogioli


After the loss of his wife, inside poor Floyd Loveless' body the Light escaping from his broken heart has caused destruction and dystopia for all his microscopic inhabitants. Viron, an evil dark virus lord dwells in the navel, reproducing in large numbers until it's time to strike the vulnerable break and vanquish any remaining Light. Eternal Darkness seems certain, when a small unsuspecting and potentially toxic B-cell on the run named 'B' spots the billion-strong dark army preparing for all-out war, but can our little anti-hero raise the alarm before it's too late? Even if he does, the antibody clones he would produce to fight back could have adverse effects…the potential to turn on the Self.
Join B and his companions on their fantastical wild ride as they journey all through the body with only one task in mind…to save Planet Floyd, which on a much-much larger scale, would give Floyd's little daughter the best Christmas gift she could ever imagine…her father.
Viron, believe it or not, is what actually happens to billions of new-born naïve B-Cells and T-Cells in our body and the challenges they face, which makes this story not only an exciting journey for all the family but also educational and full of insight into the inner workings of our body on a fun, molecular level. It is truly remarkable!

134 printed pages
Original publication



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