Jacey K Dew

Dezirah Volume 4

A millennium and a half ago, supernatural beings signed a treaty to disappear. Upset with their treatment and tired of hiding, supernaturals started a revolution.

A day to day routine settles with those still alive. Survival requires skilled work and mundane tasks. Tensions slowly escalate between drawn sides.
Spring thaws the snow and awakens all that lies dormant. Movement returns to the frozen North.

Three souls traverse the new world in their plight to survive.

Alexa stands in the aftermath of Darius killing Daniel and kidnapping Rayleen. She needs to pull herself together to rescue Rayleen. Will Alexa find Rayleen in time?

Nikki grows within and helps lead the new revolution in Red Deer. Devastated by the loss of Rayleen, she will not stop until she rescues the little girl she's bonded with.

Jaiden is reluctantly thrown into a leadership role overseeing the new revolution, but she works hard to fill the role in her sister's absence. Expanding the safety circle, finding supplies, and keeping followers alive are easy compared to clashing with the large personalities she has to work with.
241 printed pages
Original publication
Jacey K Dew



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