Julie Martins

Cooking With the GoWise Air Fryer

Your GoWise® USA Air Fryer can do more than you think! Why not take a shortcut and learn “seasoned chef” tips, *unofficial* tricks and workarounds that most people take months to learn through trial and error?

This unofficial book from Quick-Start™ Cookbooks is perfect for any owner of a GoWise Air Fryer!

Get the most from your GoWise Air Fryer with this well-researched, independent cookbook and guide from Quick-Start™ Cookbooks! Perfect for first-time users or seasoned chefs. Includes illustrated “how to” instructions, plus 101 of our best recipes written for the GoWise.

Independent advice on how to use your GoWise air fryer to the fullest!

This book will teach you:
— make perfect fried foods every time!
— use a fraction of the oil
— make classic dishes like chicken wings and curly fries
— cook amazing sides like stuffed mushrooms and roasted corn
— create delicious desserts like chocolate-chip muffins and blackberry hand-pies

Learn how to avoid:
— smoke and oily smells
— soggy food
— burning your food or yourself!
— bad seasoning and mediocre results

Bonus illustrations and information include:
— What all the buttons and controls are for.
— Pro tips, charts and workarounds to make cooking easy.
— Nutritional information for each recipe so you know what you're eating.

101 delicious recipes featuring:
— Main dishes (meats and seafood)
— Sandwiches and breads
— Vegetables
— Sides
— Desserts

(Scroll up and click on book cover to “LOOK INSIDE” and see full recipe table of contents)

Quick-Start™ Cookbooks are independently published and designed to help consumers easily and quickly master new cooking tools and techniques through the use of illustrated “how-to” instructions, tips, tricks, and workarounds typically known only by seasoned chefs. Each book is beautifully produced with graphics and gorgeous page layouts. Our authors provide independent, streetwise advice and know-how based on research and testing. If you want easy-to-follow instructions and useful recipes that will delight your family for years to come, then Quick-Start Cookbooks are for you! This book is not endorsed or authorized by GoWise USA. However, the publisher (Quick-Start Cookbooks) stands behind the content of the book to be fully compatible with the GoWise air fryer. We are fans, and we want you to become one too!
125 printed pages
Original publication



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