Ultimate BBQ & Campfire Recipe Book, Sandra M.Finlay
Sandra M.Finlay

Ultimate BBQ & Campfire Recipe Book

The recipes in this book are designed to be easy to prepare,
fun to cook and good to eat. They are designed to demystify the barbecue for the inexperienced, and to allow
more experienced chefs to spice up the basic stalwarts of outdoor cooking. They are also designed to give you some
ideas and suggestions for when your friends turn up at
eleven o’clock with carrier bags full of economy burgers
expecting you to whip up something delicious.

handy, even if you’re sitting indoors with a troop of
sausages and a legion of vegetable kebabs, waiting for the rain to stop, or huddled on the beach round a small
disposable grill – and even if you’re short of inspiration,
remember that good quality ingredients cooked over a fire will nearly always turn out to be tasty.
124 printed pages
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