The Dynamics of World Class Football – Soccer, James Jawahir Lall
James Jawahir Lall

The Dynamics of World Class Football – Soccer

357 printed pages


The football/soccer players who read this manual seeks perfection – those who implement its ideas have found it. This inspirational world class training and playing football/soccer manual uses a designed and developed pragmatic approach in the analysis, and solution of unsteady state football/soccer phenomenon – in conjunction with chosen basic engineering fluid and particle dynamics principles incorporating Analogies, with mental psychology for CONTROLLING the game – and shows how they are all interconnected. This manual transcends imagination and originality. Simple to follow – the manual focuses on the systems as one unit, and how the experience of the coach, in relation to the player, and team-mates relate for discipline on and off the pitch and accomplish learning. Bring into sharp focus those fine points, which enable the players to apply the fundamental principles correctly, confidently, consistently, and with continuity – for example Newton’s laws for complete ball control. A qualitative and quantitative understanding of the application of the principles to realistic problems in training and playing are particularly emphasized. It guides the players into forming organized patterns of DEFENCE and ATTACK, DEFINES THE DEFINING MOMENT IN DEFENCE: and THE DEFINING MOMENT OF THE FINAL BALL. Helps the players to develop character, and to achieve the ability to “GEL” together to play good exciting free flowing attacking NEWTONIAN football/soccer with breath-taking displays: beautiful at its most intense – played in the TRUE SPIRIT of the system – a thing of beauty is joy forever. This unique brand of Newtonian football/soccer the players likes to play and the fans likes to watch –the right way how football/soccer should be played: always wanting more of the same: and WINS MAJOR TROPHIES at the highest level. Shows how to play “with your heads first”- and then “with your hearts”.

Numerous simple mathematical examples are worked out in detail to illustrate some of the basic principles that are discussed for mental awareness. A good genuine, solid base with four different exciting styles to train, and play from – and when things go wrong – and sometimes they do from the smallest problem to the chaotic and dysfunctional – the enigma wrapped in a nightmare scenario – make the invisible visible, and how to put them right. Implementation of the system during training, and playing for a number of months will transform the players and team from the ordinary to the sublime with optimum performance. Revenue and crowd capacity goes up. The system has been proven during, and after the development stages over a number of years, at all levels of football/soccer from World Cup, European Cup, English Premiership and lower divisions – and this manual is the world’s first of its kind, and sets the ultimate standard to aim for. This brand of football/soccer will not be surpassed because of the laws of nature that governs it, and will be played for infinite years. This manual is intended for people of all background, who are interested in enhancing, and furthering their football/soccer football career. Suitable for coaches, managers, men and women footballers, secondary schools and upwards – school and public libraries – football/soccer fans – giving excitement, and happiness to players and spectators alike. I would like to thank some of the coaches and managers for their trials in making this manual possible. ISBN 0–9554522–0–1 ISBN 9780955452208

James Lall

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