The Burning Cauldron and Working Towards Death, Elias Sassoon
Elias Sassoon

The Burning Cauldron and Working Towards Death

127 printed pages
What’s this book about? Not into judgment. Anyway, not sure what anything is or is supposed to be. The book, a string of words that seek to instruct, to lead, to influence and reveal the galaxy of illusions. The moral of the story, the need to define leads us only to confine. ….What do I care about appearances? At my age, it doesn’t matter. It’s all passing. You die. I die. Appearances die. Simple. ….Defining self. Long winded. Oblivious. Unaware of the outside world of adults. Me, aware of sensation only, relating only to what I can touch and feel; biological all. ….Love the concept of wishing. It’s the idea of creation of a world all your own. You are what you think. You can shape the world the way you want. Plus, you are the great gatekeeper. The negative, the cruel, the hurtful can be banished. ….It’s been asked millions of times before, and I asked it again, must I live my life to avoid what’s been done previous to my birth? No. My motto then, do as you wish, wish as you do
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