Nalini Singh

Awaken the Senses

Deception never felt this good. A Reader Favorite Story from New
York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author Nalini Singh.
Charlotte Ashton has always been on the outside looking in—until she meets
worldly Alexandre Dupree. Consulting at her family's Napa Valley
vineyard, the winemaker soon has shy, innocent Charlotte completely
under his spell. It's as though he knows all her secret desires, all
her dreams—just what it takes to seduce her.
That's because he's read her secret journal. He's discovered the real Charlotte—the sensual,
generous woman she longs to be—and has acted accordingly. Is his crime
so unforgivable when all he wants is to awaken her passion? Yet, to
maintain her trust, he must to continue to lie…
184 printed pages
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    vian23has quoted4 years ago
    “Even before I knew you, I loved you.”
    vian23has quoted4 years ago
    “The category occupied by my future wife, the mother of my children and my lover for life.”
    vian23has quoted4 years ago
    “How can you be so generous after I put tears in your eyes?” His tone was raw.
    She heard the sincere regret in his voice. “Because you’ve also brought a thousand smiles to my heart.”

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