Chris Bauer

Binge Killer

A female bounty hunter tracks a serial killer with nothing left to lose—and finds a rural mountain town with a secret hidden behind its serene façade . . . .
National Indie Excellence Award Finalist
After serial killer Randall Burton is diagnosed with a terminal disease, he decides to jump bail and go out in a blaze of glory.
One woman stands in his way.
Her name is Counsel Fungo, and she’s an exceptionally talented bounty hunter, if a little eccentric. Officially, her two canine companions are therapy dogs. But she considers them partners. Counsel will do anything to stop criminals from preying on the vulnerable, and she’s intent on stopping Randall Burton.
Randall’s trail leads to sleepy Rancor, Pennsylvania. Tucked away in the Poconos, its been named one of the “Safest Towns in America.” Its citizens are mostly widowers, bowlers, and bingo players.
But there’s a reason no one in Rancor has reported a major crime in the past fifty years. And neither Counsel nor the killer are quite ready for what this town has in store, in this chilling, gripping, and darkly witty thriller from the acclaimed author of Scars on the Face of God.
“A talented writer.” —SF Crowsnest Reviews
341 printed pages
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