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Cancer Macrobiotic Diet

In the 1950s, a Japanese educator, lawyer, and natural food advocate named George Ohsawa believed that there is a treatment for any debilitating or chronic disease with the right kind of food.

His research showed that women, challenged by cancer, may lessen the risk of suffering a relapse with a diet regimen he prepared. Even his student and protégée Michio Kushi did several seminars in the United States about a dietary regimen composed of a low-fat, but high-complex carbohydrate diet can help alleviate the progression of cancer. The goal of the diet is to eat healthier food that will make you stronger to fight cancer.

Would it be a better option to aid the medical treatments that leave you skinny and lethargic? This healthy option is called the Cancer Macrobiotic Diet.

In the Cancer Macrobiotic Diet, you will discover…

The origins, advocates of the diet, and how you can incorporate their belief that all-natural food is beneficial to your new eating lifestyle.

The amazing benefits of this diet and at the same time, learn what the diet lacks so you can replenish the lost vitamins in your body.

What foods to eat and what to avoid when you begin this diet.

Easy to prepare recipes through the use of allowed food groups.

A 7-Day diet plan that is low in fat and high in carbohydrates.
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