Peter Cole

Journey of Hope: The Games Are Over

Throughout this book individuals will learn how to be vigilant, how not to get hurt, how not to be betrayed or defied.For it is said, that the ones that hurt you are those that are close to you, perhaps they are envious of you for some reason or another. It is frustrating and disappointing to find that those individuals are acting in this etiquette.
Remember too that there are so many people out there who love and cherish us. I believe that everyone is responsible for optimising their God given gifts at his/her disposal. Work with your talents, skills, and achieve your goals with determination which will lead you to your chosen path in life. We often judge a book by its cover.
Who are we to judge the lives others chose to live?
I have placed my trust and faith in God and have tried to lead a good life as best as I can!
Nobody is perfect, even our fingers are not all the same and we can't live to be perfect. Always remember before you start pointing fingers make sure your hands are clean!
Some food for thought when it comes to establishing and building positive relationships -relationships are built on three factors: Faith, Hope and Love. On the contrary Love is the greatest of all!
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