Queena N. Lee-Chua

Homework 2

It is not easy being a parent today.
How can children handle the stresses of school? How can they learn to think critically? How can they be encouraged to read? What if children lie about their grades? What if they are bullied, or worse, they bully others? Or if they watch too much violence on media? Or if they are exposed to too much sex much too early?

It is not easy being a child today.
How can children manage parental expectations? Should they junk print books? Should they have pets? What happens when tweens fall in love? How do children deal with death and loss?

These are but some of the twenty-five parenting and school issues that are tackled in this book. Mother, teacher, and psychologist Queena N. Lee-Chua and her son Scott Lee Chua have chosen their favorite topics from their popular columns “Home Work” and “LOL” in Working Mom magazine. After all, parents want the best for their children, and with proper guidance, children can fulfill their potential and become an asset to our world.
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