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Unveiling The True Identity of Jesus Christ

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While Islamic theology differs from Christianity's, Muslims and Christians hold Jesus Christ in high esteem. He is a central figure in both religions, loved, admired, respected, and revered. Both Muslims and Christians believe in Jesus' virgin birth, ability to perform miracles and return at the end of time. However, both religions differ in Christ's nature and life occurrences. While Christians accept Jesus Christ as the divine Son of God, Muslims take him as a human and one of God's mighty noble Messengers sent to relay God's Message to his people, just as many past Prophets did.
This book encourages Christians and non-Muslims alike to cross-examine what the Bible and Jesus Christ state about God, His message to humanity, the nature of Jesus Christ, and related concepts. If done sincerely, one should conclude that neither Jesus Christ nor the Bible teaches what the Church teaches today. One concludes that Jesus Christ and the Bible never mention Jesus Christ as the Son of God, part of the Trinity, nor did they teach the concepts of crucifixion, redemption, or permission to abandon the law of the Prophet Moses PBUH. Many well-intentioned Christians follow modern Christianity, a corrupted version of the teachings of Jesus Christ — those he never preached nor taught.
This book provides irrefutable proof from the Bible and common logic that Allah is our Creator, and Jesus Christ was a Muslim and human Prophet sent to the nation before us, the Children of Israel. It provides irrefutable evidence from the Bible that the Revelation of Jesus Christ was tampered with by humans after his departure and that the Bible we read today is not the inspired Word of God.
One must use their God-given gift of intellect and logic to investigate, ponder, and reflect without allowing their emotions and cultural biases to cloud their judgment, blindly following their Church. To my dear Christian, you must research and know the reality of Jesus Christ and his message so you may be guided to God, enter Paradise eternally, and avoid the ultimate punishment.
Topics in the book include:
Understanding the Concept of God Sending Messengers to Relay His Message
Basic Understanding of the Similarities and Differences Between Islam, Christianity, & Judaism
Who is Allah?
Whom Are Jesus Christ and Mary PBUT?
Whom Was Jesus Christ Sent to Address? What Was His Mission? Did He Come with a New Law as Christians Claim?
Is Jesus God, Son of God, or Prophet of God? What does the Bible Say?
Crucial Differences Between God & Jesus Christ
Who is the Author of the Bible?
Does the Bible Contain Errors & Contradictions?
Pornography, Incest, & Immorality in the Bible
Is Jesus Christ God Because He was Born With no Father?
Christians Claim Jesus Christ is Divine, and his Ability to Perform Miracles is Proof
The Bible Labels Jesus Christ as 'The Son of God'  Son of Man' 'Lord' 'His Servant'
'The Father and I are one'
'In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God….'
'For There are Three That Bear Record in Heaven'
The Word 'Begotten' in the Bible
'I am the way and the truth and the life'
The Role of Paul in Christianity and How He Destroyed the Teachings of Jesus Christ
Paganism on Christianity
Was Jesus Christ Crucified?
Proofs that Islam is the Only True Religion of God
Scientific & Mathematical Miracles, Quality & Eloquence, Prophecies, Predictions, Knowledge of Past Events of the Holy Quran
The Prophet Muhammad PBUH in a Nutshell & Prophesied in The Bible & Other Scriptures
Muslims are the True Followers of Jesus Christ
Was Our Father Prophet Abraham PBUH a Jew, Christian, or Muslim?
The Second Coming of Jesus Christ Toward the End of Times

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