Emily Maloney

Weight Loss Enigma: Learn How to Easily Shed Off Those Extra Pounds In Just a Matter of Weeks

Millions of people try to take control of their weight problems by themselves but they just don't have the knowledge required to make the best decisions.

You're about to discover the insider's fat burning diet tips to easily shed off those extra pounds and obtain a lovable shape in no time flat. Being successful in losing your weight, get a perfect shape and be healthier in your life than ever!

Weight Loss Enigma is a step-by-step, paint-by-the-numbers e-Book guide showing you how to shed off the pounds and how to get the perfect dieting at any time you want.

Here are some of the topics you'll learn in this guide: Getting to know about body fat; Losing weight by thinking green; Dieting – it may be all in the timing; Beware of diet fads when trying to shed pounds; Eat more and lose weight with the Ornish diet; Shopping your way to weight loss; Don't forget to exercise when you try to lose weight; The secrets to weight loss after pregnancy; How to think like a thin person and much more.
134 printed pages
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