The Babysitter Gets Licked, Gimmy Dicks
Gimmy Dicks

The Babysitter Gets Licked

A babysitter finds the sexy underwear of her female boss when she looks around her home. On her next visit she decides to try some of them on, only for the woman to catch her. Expecting to get into trouble the babysitter is surprised to find the woman is turned on and strips the panties from her and uses her to have some dirty fun.

Excerpt: Jenna hesitated, but then the words came rushing out as she panicked. “I’m really, really sorry,” she started. “I know I shouldn’t be in here, but when I saw your sexy panties and bras last week I couldn’t help myself having another look.”
Mrs. Carter stepped into the room, closed the door and then looked at Jenna. “You seem to be doing more than just looking,” ………..
13 printed pages
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