Pawel Guziejko

Creative Mind. Development of Free-Thinking Football Players

“ I am sure you will find this an enjoyable and insightful read. As coaches we should always look to challenge ourselves and I believe this book will challenge your thinking and help you think practically when you are out on the grass working with your players” " Do you coach children? Well, have you ever stopped to think what an important role you're playing in that child's development? How you are shaping them for future development? How you have been trusted by their parents to give their child a FUN, positive experience of football? Once you consider these questions, I'm sure you come to the conclusion that it is a big responsibility to make sure your development as a coach is on the same level as that you would expect from the children you are coaching. Therefore I think as a coach it's highly important to keep developing and drawing experience from others, to help better yourself and hopefully as a result help the children you are coaching reach their full potential.This book offers a great insight into the different aspects you might need to think about when coaching a group of children from psychological challenges, perception skills, technical skills, match based practices, fundamental practices and a whole lot more.
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