The Storm Sister, Lucinda Riley
Lucinda Riley

The Storm Sister

647 printed pages
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Gathered at their childhood home to mourn their father’s death, Ally D’Aplièse and her five adoptive sisters receive tantalizing clues to their distinct heritages. Ally soon finds herself in Norway where she begins to make sense of her elusive past in the second part of an epic new series by #1 internationally bestselling author Lucinda Riley.

Olympic hopeful Ally is in the midst of preparations for one of the world’s most challenging yacht races when news of her beloved father’s death shocks the accomplished sailor. Saying goodbye to the love of her life, a man her family knows nothing about, she rushes back to her family home, an enchanting chateau where she and her five sisters—each adopted as infants—were raised on the shores of Lake Geneva. Lucinda Riley’s captivating story brings together two resilient women—decades apart—weaving their stories into a moving examination of family, love, and identity.
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Aleksandra Damljanović
Aleksandra Damljanovićshared an impression2 years ago

Fenomenalna knjiga, toliko puna emocija i snage da ne mogu dočekati završetak serijala.

Oksana Korkunova
Oksana Korkunovahas quotedlast year
It would be pretty embarrassing if it wasn’t your father’s yacht and we interrupted some Russian oligarch with a boat full of vodka and partying prostitutes.
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