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Patti Z. This is Me

I had already written three books in a tumultuous time of my life. I was compelled to write feeling the importance of my experiences to be known. For I knew I was not alone and did not want history to repeat itself. We live and learn, but only if we know and understand the importance of addressing issues instead of suppressing, ignoring or simply not knowing. For so long, problems grew, simmered to boil, then spilled over into the pandemic affecting everyone. How could I possibly write in these times?

Then I realized, “how could I not?” Then I decided to incorporate these times in my art book. For we have become a nonstop world. Not enough time to stop to listen, see or feel what is going on around us. From the beginning of life, we have been given gifts, talents and abilities that are innate. But, for many have remained hidden, untapped, never released to explore their possibilities or potential.

We all have these God given talents as a gift to be used for the good and a source of inspiration. Through all these years of challenging times, maintaining and awakening my creative side in more areas than I ever knew. Brought more depth, empowerment, enjoyment, building confidence too. I want that for you too. A quality of life that is your right when healthy in mind, body and spirit. For we never stop learning. Remember that.
138 printed pages
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