Laura Lovecraft

And Mom Makes Three

Sean has two hot women in his life.

The first is his girlfriend Erin who, in addition to her looks and killer body, is a total freak in the bedroom. Erin loves to roleplay, and Sean and she have enjoyed playing out all of their fantasies.

The other woman in Sean's life is his mom. Despite the fact that Erin gives him everything he wants, Sean finds himself drawn to his attractive mother, and dreams of committing the ultimate taboo with her.

Erin learns of his desire for his mom, and decides to turn it into a roleplay. With Sean calling her ‘mom,’ the game quickly becomes a damned good time…until Sean's mother walks in on them. She tells them she overheard everything they were saying. and all the things Sean wants to do to her.

Sean is scared, figuring he is in serious trouble, but Erin doesn't seem worried. That's because things are not always as they seem…and she is about to introduce Sean and his mother to the hottest game ever!
63 printed pages
Original publication


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