A Monks Topical Bible S-Z, Bro.Smith SGS
Bro.Smith SGS

A Monks Topical Bible S-Z

287 printed pages
The objective of this effort is to bring together the thoughts and anecdotes from history’s greatest minds regarding the issues confounding many Christians. Within this volume are an array of topics, which begin with the letters S thru Z.
The responses, admonition and precepts presented within these pages are unlike anything preciously published. What you are holding is the wisdom of various monks from the begging of the Christian Era down to modern times.
This work is the advice of various monks to other fellow monks and those who came for advice. Within these pages are assembled by topic, various issues which have been handed down as the premier advice regarding a topic. This is the first of its kind in print today, and is also the fourth volume of a larger collection of four. This effort is configured to create a bridge from one era to another and dismiss some new-age concepts about an old ideal life style and vocations. We trust you will find this work a welcome change to interpretative type works.
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