Yildiz Sethi

Stardust on the Spiritual Path

Stardust is given the name Surya throughout the book and appears as many characters through space, time and culture as men or women, the earth, nature and universal energy. The interplay of destiny, free will and choice is shown in several stories of Surya on his or her spiritual journey through many lives. This takes us on a journey through a number of cultures and we are encouraged to see life thought many different eyes, minds and experiences.
This is a book about consciousness, relationships and how they culminate in free will on your spiritual journey as stardust through the karmic cycle of life. Belief systems and spirituality are explored to assist you in looking within to discover a higher meaning to your life. Elements of the mystical and inspirational, along with darker aspects of Indian philosophy and daily life are shown. This is combined with modern psychological and key aspects of personal development, to assist you in creating a new and enriching perspective for your Soul Journey as Stardust. The spiritual aspects of Vedic astrology are explored in showing the connections of human beings as stardust to the cosmos and beyond. Yildiz shares aspects of her experiences as a Vedic Astrologer, psychotherapist and Family Constellations practitioner in following her own spiritual path and assisting others to do likewise.
Yildiz give details of the philosophy, practice of the process of Family Constellations as a means of making the most of yourself through relationships and self-discovery towards enlightenment. Other means of personal development included in the book are hypnotherapy, meditation and some reflective exercises to assist in helping the reader to clarify their thoughts and feelings in coming to a deeper understanding of self.
In such a book the way we are treating our planet could not be omitted as Yildiz outlines some major concerns with some basic science in an attempt to demystify the science around climate change.
Finally the reality of each of us as stardust on the same journey is shown in a way that gives hope to all in being part of universal energy and all that is one of optimisim.

A wise woman's wisdom…Sethi writes her story of Surya," us" in the modern world, and offers a wealth of information on choices of perception. Her training as a Vedic astrologer, counsellor, teacher and facilitator of Family Constellations, allows for a great depth of understanding and analysis of relationships and the individual's journey through life. The discussions on the relevance and principles of Family Constellations are easy to read and understand and I found the details about Vedic astrology fascinating and am inspired to have my own chart done. I recommend this book for all those on the spiritual journey Fascinating Discovery By Heather Price.

This fascinating book truly takes you on a journey of discovery and is not to be missed by Anyone curious about life — where you have come from — where you are now — and where you are going. A wise woman indeed, Yildiz's grounded account of life's mysteries is incredibly profound and thought provoking. Opening up to more ways of finding our place in the cosmos By Mrs Willard Pameijer

enjoyed reading Yildiz's book. I know that I will read it again. The book has a nice blend of different ways of seeing the world and our place within it. Somehow it all works well together. A beautiful holistic journey of life. Yildiz offers a broad integration of life, spirituality, human behaviour and thought. I have truly enjoyed and absorbed Yildiz insights. A deeply thought provoking and interesting book. By Rhonda Frances COLES
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