Dongyue Wang

The Joy of Fish

Do you know what does truth or survival mean to humanity? Do you know what does wisdom or knowledge mean to humanity? Do you really believe humanity has the choice for their future? If you are not sure of the answers to these questions, the short essays in this book may give you a better idea on that.
The Joy of Fish consists of thirty essays that talk about from different perspectives how civilized human beings think, believe, and behave toward truth, good, wisdom, and knowledge. These essays were written in a leisure and humorous style, through which readers can easily get a glimpse of the author's philosophical ideas while avoiding the difficult philosophical demonstrations.
Wang Dongyue is an independent philosopher in China. His systematic philosophy has a deep insight regarding the evolution of the universe, the logic of mind, and human society, which is quite different from the conventional concept or common sense, and is thoroughly reflected in his philosophical monograph: A Unified Theory of Evolution: Natural, Mental and Social. His another work The Decline of Humankind talks about human body philosophically and human society as a whole species.
276 printed pages
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