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Susan Napier

Mistress of the Groom

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The groom was having an affair—with his bride's best friend!
Jane had been desperate to stop the wedding. She'd had to prevent her best friend from making the biggest mistake of her life…. Marrying Ryan Blair would have been disastrous. He was too rich, too powerful, too hot to handle!
There was only one solution: to stand up in church and declare that she, Jane Sherwood, respectable businesswoman, was having a secret torrid affair with Ryan! It had worked. The wedding was finished. But now Ryan was determined to make Jane pay for his wrecked marriage—by making her his mistress for real!
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  • b3193376298has quoted3 years ago
    He tunnelled his fingers under her hair and guided her into a kiss that warmed the chill of loneliness from her soul.
  • amnah salahhas quoted4 years ago
    with a taunting slowness. ‘Better?’ He held out the handkerchief. ‘Your turn.’

    ‘For what?’ she said suspiciously.

    ‘Your lipstick’s smudged. It’s obviously not kiss-proof... not that it would need to be. You usually just freeze off any man who gets within touching distance, don’t you Lady Sherwood?’

    Normally the snooty nickname didn’t bother her, but this man gave it an extra bite that made her snap. ‘If he’s anything like you—yes!’

    ‘You haven’t dated the same man more than twice in the last two years...they can’t all be like me!’ he said drily.

    ‘I’ve been too busy,’ she replied icily, and immediately regretted it as his eyes narrowed in sly triumph.

    ‘Have I been working you too hard? Were

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