Candy Blackham

Green Lewisham

In Green Lewisham we are invited to explore the surprisingly numerous green spaces in the Borough of Lewisham in south east London. Rivers, trees, grassy glades and wildlife are round almost every corner, hidden between houses and alongside railway lines and all lying less than ten miles from Trafalgar Square in central London. We have a brief history behind the many calming and natural sites and the photographs tempt us to go walking every day, and at all times of the year, as the trees change from bare branches to green leaves and then the brilliant jewel-like colours of the autumn. Discover herons and egrets, swans, and many, many species of birds as well as the ever-present ring-necked parakeets. Walk along the centuries-old River Ravensbourne and its tributaries, or find stunning views of London from the hilltops. Lewisham is celebrated as the London Borough of Culture in 2022. Candy Blackham has given us a unique book which opens our eyes to appreciating and enjoying the natural, green spaces in this special year.
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