Earl Merkel

Fire of the Prophet

Beck Casey must stop a blue-eyed terrorist from triggering a nuclear holocaust—in a pulse-pounding thriller that “hits you like a freight train” (Shane Gericke).
Former CIA op Beck Casey had thought he was done with the world of espionage and could comfortably settle into academia. But his country needs him—again. Nuclear terrorism poses an imminent threat to the United States, and to deal with this national security nightmare, Casey’s going to need all the help he can get.
A rising star in the FBI’s Counter-Terror Division, Jeffrey Connor has been tasked to lead a desperate hunt for the elusive “blue-eyed terrorist.” He also happens to be in love with DC lawyer Katie Casey, Beck’s beloved daughter.
Dennis Littrell is an ambitious journalist who’s just stumbled on a story that might save his nation and the world—or could lead to a devastating global conflict.
And then there is Fatima Huntsman, the daughter of a Palestinian activist and an American woman, now radicalized as a terrorist and armed with a nuclear device.
From its tense opening on the US/Mexican border and chilling portrayal of the human-smuggling trade through the war-torn Middle East to a climax in Washington, DC, as Armageddon looms, Fire of the Prophet “hits you like a freight train, then drags you along for the ride . . . [with] terrific writing, strong characters, and just plain excitement. Don’t miss it!” (Shane Gericke).
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