Anticipate Industry Disruption Take Your IT to the Next Level, Philippe A.Abdoulaye
Philippe A.Abdoulaye

Anticipate Industry Disruption Take Your IT to the Next Level

Digital transformation isn't narrowed to technology and to some extent to technical matters; it's primarily a transformation of two pillars of your business: the operating model and infrastructure.

By telling business leaders a different story, stressing IT tools and infrastructure, the major IT vendors aren't helping.

In this free book of his The Future of Your IT Series™, digital transformation strategist Philippe Abdoulaye shares three of his major articles featured in the prestigious technology news website from the International Data Group (IDG).

The reasons to adopt a new IT paradigm, the digital disruption impacts on the business particularly on the IT function, the new IT function's structure, processes, practices, tools, infrastructures and governance capability are explored and clearly explained.

This free book is written to provide business and IT practitioners the philosophy, approach, principles, and methodology they need to be instrumental to their business transformation.
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