Antonia's Arousal, Suzie McLean
Suzie McLean

Antonia's Arousal

The BetaZed sorority sisters were gorgeous, stacked…and out of work. Then Phoebe hit on the absolutely insane idea of starting their own bikini babes' carwash. Little did they know how their lives were about to change as, one by one, they met the men of their sexiest dreams while they tried to solve the mystery of a 20-year old jewelry heist!

Book 2: “Antonia”

Toni had more worries on her plate than she cared to count. The battered old carwash they’d leased, and were slowly repairing, was in even worse shape than they’d thought. Phoebe had been moody and withdrawn ever since she’d met their new landlord, Riley Thompson, to haggle out their lease agreement…

And if that wasn’t troubling enough, the county’s new building inspector had showed up unexpectedly, and had brought trouble with him.

Why did he keep coming back to pester her? If only he wasn’t so incredibly sexy, with a taste for homemade Italian cooking…and gorgeous Italian sorority girls!
70 printed pages
Original publication



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