Lovillia Hearst

Victorian Era Bad Boys Bundle

This erotic bundle contains the following title:

A Passionate Surrender

When runaway Else finds herself on the streets of Victorian London, she realizes they are paved with dirt, not gold. Luckily, she’s not afraid to get dirty. This is an explicit victorian erotic romance. Contains themes of spanking, unprotected love and a woman being pushed to the limits of pleasure and pain.

Deflowered By The Stagecoach Robber

A trip to her uncle’s home ends in disaster for Lady Helen Carmichael when the coach she and her chaperone are traveling in are set upon by highwaymen.

Deflowered By The Doctor

Marrying into money was always in the cards for Lady Cora, but her husband-to-be’s family has an unusual request — that she be inspected by a doctor to see if she is still pure. The only problem is, despite her innocent appearance, she has not been chaste. When the doctor sees her before him on the examination table, exposed and completely under his control, he fights against his most base feelings of lust. A fight he loses. With few options to continue her marriage, Lady Cora has to make a hard decision.
56 printed pages
Original publication



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