Hannah Howell

Beauty and the Beast

New York Times bestselling author Hannah Howell enthralls readers with her unforgettable tales of the love between fierce knights and their passionate women, weaving her storytelling genius to give us one of her best romances yet.  .  .
Beauty And The Beast
On the eve of her wedding to the heir of Saiturn Manor, the stunningly beautiful Gytha is shocked to learn that her betrothed, a man she barely knew, is dead. Now she must marry the new heir, Thayer Saiturn, a battle-hardened knight known as the Red Devil.  .  .
With a face scarred in battle and a heart broken in love, Thayer has no interest in marriage. But not even the Red Devil can break the promise his foster-father made years ago and soon finds himself married to a woman whose exquisite beauty and sweet innocence intrigue him. But can his new bride look beyond his scars to find a hidden passion and undying love locked deep inside him?
361 printed pages
Original publication
Zebra Books



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    Macey Mozingohas quoted6 months ago
    ou must have a listing,” she drawled, “I must admit to a paucity of kisses.
    Macey Mozingohas quotedlast year
    If you must have a listing,” she drawled, “I must admit to a paucity of kisses.

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