B. Love

If I Was Ya Man

Peyton, Paisley, and Pia are known as the Cannon sisters. Peyton, the oldest, and also the wildest of the three sisters, gave her heart and virginity to a man who was married. Although he was separated and trying to file for divorce, his betrayal and deceit sent Peyton over the edge. After seeking revenge, Peyton tries to go on with her life, knowing she will have to deal with the consequences of her actions sooner than later.

Paisley, the middle sister, yearned for love and affection so much that she gave her love and her body to the first man to show her the slightest bit of affection, starting a vicious cycle that spiraled out of control with Drake. What she didn’t plan on was having to deal with Drake’s lying and cheating. Finally freeing herself of the toxic relationship she shared with Drake, she meets Amir, but her past and her pain comes back to haunt her years later. Paisley is stuck trying to give and receive love when the whole concept is foreign to her.

Pia, the baby of the family, is the calmest and most levelheaded, but she is also the most passionate. After losing her best friend and first love to a stint in prison, Pia vowed to never date a street guy again. When she goes to visit Najee, she meets Imari — the most notorious drug dealer in Memphis. Everyone warns her to stay out of his life, but Imari’s charm, good looks, and Kinglike presence are too much for her to resist.

Every day, the Cannon sisters struggle to live lives of love and normality. Only knowing how to love themselves and their mother, their relationships with men struggle severely. Will they ever get it right and have their happily ever after? Or will their story be one that ends in tragedy?
142 printed pages
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