Nicola Nichols

Party on the Wild Side

Tani’s marriage isn't working. Billy is too focused on work to satisfy her. When her husband and his partner leave on a business trip, her friend Eve, the wife of her husband’s partner, suggests that they step out. She wants to go to a new club where hot athletes hang out. Also unsatisfied, she’s determined to get laid.

Tani has never cheated before and hesitates, but she goes along to check it out. It’s a happening place, and when Gerard, the club owner, turns on the charm she finds herself melting with desire. The passion she feels overwhelm any doubts, even when he has other men and women do her. In fact, she finds she's willing to do anything he wants. She loves every white-hot second of it. And then Gerard tells her she has to make a choice between playing on the wild side or her marriage.

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

The club was upmarket and vibrant. Chic waitresses in skimpy outfits served overpriced drinks to a group of nice looking people in their thirties, mostly. The place was smaller than I’d expected and I told Eve that. “When you think about a trendy place, you expect something bigger.”

She laughed. “This is just part of it. I read about this place online. This is the entry hall,” she said.

“What do you mean?”

She nodded toward a door. I looked and saw a small, innocuous door. A sign over it said, “doorway to the wild side.”

“Weird,” I said. “Why are we out here?”

“This is the public bar. Anyone can drop in and have a drink. It’s a pickup place and for some people, this is it. But in there… Well, the Wild Side is a private club and by invitation only.”

“And how do you get an invitation to enter?”

She licked her lips. “You have to entice a member. Make them think you are ready and willing for a walk on the wild side.”

As she said that, a young, clean cut guy in an expensive suit came over to our table and looked us over.

“Hello,” he said, cheerfully. “Mind if I join you?”

I nodded and he took a chair between us at the high table. Having him there was fine with me. There were a lot of muscles under that suit. He had to be over six two and probably weighed in at over two hundred pounds. “New here?” he asked.

“Just arrived,” Eve said. “But you knew that.”

“How do you know of the place?”

Eve was grinning and leaning back a little to give him a view of her cleavage. “Hot rumors suggest it's a fun place. Which is why we came.”

“I’m James,” he said.

“And you are a member,” I said.

He looked at me and I liked the way he looked at me. “I am.”

“James…” Eve said. “James Erickson. You used to be a running back, a top pro.”

“Until a hard tackle damaged my knee.”

Eve ran her hand over his arm and clearly liked what she felt. “But you stay in shape.”

“I try to.” James sat between us and put a hand on each of our backs. It was a large, strong hand and as he let it run down to my ass, it felt hot. It didn’t help that I was incredibly horny.

“Tell us about the club.” Eve put her hand on his thigh.

“It’s a lovely place where people don’t bother you when you want to do wild things.” He laughed. “Like the name says. You go in there, you can expect to have someone want you to try some things you’ve probably never tried before.”

I took a breath. The most outrageous sexual experience I’d ever had was a one-night stand. But, especially with James’ warm eyes running over me I felt like I might be willing to try a number of things. “I see.”

“I’m in,” Eve said. She had her hand on his crotch. “How about it, Tani?”

James shook his head. “Unfortunately, I can only invite one of you in. It’s one of Gerard’s few rules.”


“The owner.”

Eve looked frustrated. If anything she was hungrier for sexual adventure than I was. “You go along if you want, Eve. This evening was your idea.”

“If you wait around, I’m sure you’ll get an invitation soon,” James said.

I wasn’t so sure. Most of the people around were in groups. “Well I’ll have another drink and if nothing happens, then I’ll head home,” I told him. “Eve, call me later.”

James signaled the waitress. “Then this drink must be on me,” he said. For a hot stud who already had found a willing partner, he was chivalrous towards me. I’ll give him that.
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