M.E. Saleh

The Job

Rules were broken-Sam had no choice but to leave the organization. Walter's dying wish is for Sam to come out of retirement for one last job. Trained in martial arts with the patience of a sniper and underground connections, Sam must ruin Andrew Donovan and take away everything and everyone he holds dear, including his wife, Dr. Leigh Harris.

Dr. Harris races the clock to release her groundbreaking cancer treatment to save millions of lives. However, when the setbacks shift from unfortunate accidents to targeted misfortune, the one to save becomes herself. Surrounded by an inner circle of people with secrets of their own, who can she trust?

Everyone has a role-a job. Protect, assist, love . . . but who's getting paid to kill? Ultimately, who will suffer in M.E. Saleh's fast-paced, suspenseful thriller? Just when you think you have it all figured out . . .

“The Job will keep you on your feet wanting to read what happens next. Dr. Harris is a well-written character that showcases strength and great character development. Saleh takes you through her journey and makes you question everything, including the people in Dr. Harris' life. Can the good doctor trust anyone? Surely not when her life is on the line. The Job gives you an ideal look into the life of a woman marked for death.”-Robert Basilius Hayek

331 printed pages
Original publication



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