Jay Brandon

Against the Law

Introducing lawyer-turned-ex-con Edward Hall—from the “the finest writer of legal thrillers in the country” (Jeremiah Healy, bestselling author of the John Cuddy mysteries).
Fresh out of prison, former lawyer Edward Hall thinks his days in the courtroom are behind him. Until his sister, Dr Amy Hall, is arrested for murder . . .
She’s been accused of shooting the ex-husband she supposedly reconciled with and is convinced that her ex-convict brother is the only one able to save her. To make matters worse, the media won’t ignore Amy’s high-profile case; an example needs to be made of a doctor murdering another doctor. So Edward promises to do everything he can to protect his sister, because she is innocent, isn’t she?
Edward finds himself back in the courtroom facing Cynthia, the judge responsible for his arrest and imprisonment all those years ago. With personal grudges heavy in the air, can Edward spare his sister from a brutal sentencing that could cost her her life?
“Brandon, a Texas criminal lawyer, knows how to ratchet up tension in the courtroom.”—Publishers Weekly
“A fine, tense legal thriller with an offbeat plot.”—Booklist
Praise for Jay Brandon
“Jay Brandon knows how to put together a tight, believable courtroom melodrama.”—Entertainment Weekly
“Brandon is among the best in the legal-thriller business at catching the real atmosphere of a trial.”—Publishers Weekly
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