Emma Ashe

Second Chance Romance

Curvy girl, Nica Ortiz, is probably the only person who doesn’t think An Indecent Apposal is a scam. An app that will your soulmate? Yeah, it sounds crazy, but Nica’s also seen it work—and she wants the same happily ever after.
Until the app reunites her with The One Who Got Away.
Ten years ago, billionaire, Deacon Moore, broke her heart, but now he’s back and more gorgeous than ever. And while Nica is afraid to trust her heart with him, Deacon knows if she’ll just give him a second chance, he can be everything she wants.
*An Indecent Apposal is a spicy new romantic series filled with hot, dirty billionaire alphas and the beautiful, curvy girls who tame them. Perfect for a quick bedtime read or a quicker reader blush, you’ll love the sexy love story, Second Chance Romance, a second chance romance. One of the best new short reads of the year!
88 printed pages
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