Lizzy 'N Dizzy, Joyce Lambert
Joyce Lambert

Lizzy 'N Dizzy

Elizabeth Epona Pendergrass lives a privileged life. She attends a strict private school, is driven by a chauffeur, and takes riding lessons.
Grandmother and Grandfather Pendergrass were from one of the oldest families of Boston, tracing their family tree back to England, where they were distantly related to royalty.
But Elizabeth maintains a sweet, unspoiled spirit of obedience, even if it goes against everything she does. As the school year ends in the city, Elizabeth looks forward to spending her summer with her grandparents in Kentucky while her parents tour Europe again.
Lizzy ‘N Dizzy follows Elizabeth on a summer journey that leads her to a new relationship with her blueblooded grandparents and eventually parents. It shares how her love of horses makes all this possible, along with some new friends, like Jed and DIZ, she meets along the way.
85 printed pages
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