Jill C. Baker


Carter Sutherland, a former high school science teacher, is now a think tank executive living near D.C. His world is precise and analytical; his demeanor, reserved. Because he is partially color-blind, his black-and-white perspective is both literal and physical—until he meets client Tracee Green—a synesthete who sees words as colors.

When she offers to take him on 4 sensory-rich, cerebral journeys to improve his perception and emotional intelligence, he readily agrees.

With the power of suggestion and questionable beverages, she guides him to pivotal eras in time where he assumes the personas of his alter-egos: Arturo, Arthur, Kar, and RT. With each journey (both sensual and gut-wrenching), he learns about himself and the world around him—insights he applies to a camouflage project at work.

There’s no denying that Carter is attracted to his vision guide, who delights in teasing him with innuendos and blurred reality. And there’s no uncertainty, that his wife, Sarah, isn’t thrilled with him visiting Tracee at the Green Light Foundation.

But the storyline changes from an innocent quest for self-discovery to something more ominous when Carter notices suspicious activities at the Green Light Foundation where he is being treated. With the help of his son, an investigative reporter, a subplot is revealed.
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