Mike Sanders

Thirsty 2

Justice is back! In her hometown of Chicago, she is trying to live a normal life for once. But as demons from her past start to rear their ugly heads, she is forced to confront them head on. Beneath her shrewd business persona lies a dangerous woman who will stop at nothing for revenge. Will she be willing to risk everything she has worked so hard to establish for one last showdown with the woman who killed her brother, or will she let her demons rest? Carlos, a vicious drug dealing murderer from Charlotte is out to get rich by any means necessary. Although his treacherous ways hardens his heart, he still can't stop thinking about the one woman he truly cares about (Justice). Although he accuses Justice and her brother of the robbery that sends him on a bloody rampage, he is somewhat relieved once he finds out she is innocent. He vows to make amends with her, but a vengeful enemy stands in his way! Tandora, the Dominican drug dealer from New Jersey finally has Charlotte on lock! Nothing or no one will stand in her way of becoming the queen bitch of the Queen City. When she hears that Justice has resurfaced, she knows a showdown is inevitable! When they finally meet face to face after two years, its kill or be killed. Sapphire recovers from her coma and remembers everything that happened that fateful night. Yet she tells the detectives nothing. She changes her life and learns that “forgiveness” is epic! She holds no grudges toward the men who attacked her . . . or does she? As these lives intertwine, you will be on the edge of your seat to see who makes it out alive!
240 printed pages
Original publication


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