eGo: A Dot-com Bubble Story, Ed SJC Park
Ed SJC Park

eGo: A Dot-com Bubble Story

eGo is a story about Bill Keane, a recent college grad who turns into a disillusioned temp worker during the 90’s Recession in San Francisco. He moves to Reno, Nevada and discovers eGo, a fast-growing dot-com company. There he encounters a demanding, bipolar, paranoid boss who is then upstaged by a young, charming, charismatic executive, Sean Lefort who pummels a warehouse foreman to establish his alpha status. After Sean becomes his mentor, Bill’s attitude and outlook change. Instead of being a disgruntled bum sitting on the sidelines heckling the players, he is transformed into part of Sean’s starting lineup. He climbs the corporate ladder, gets a company car, and travels on business to New York City. Shares of eGo skyrocket and everyone becomes drunk with the irrational exuberance of the dot-com boom. Bill recklessly speeds full throttle through the boom maneuvering between debauchery and moral ambiguity until a coworker is found dead and the bubble bursts.
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