Robin Snclair

The Memory Management and Development Bible : Memory Aids For Fixing And Enhancing Memory!

This book gives you the much needed information and tools to keep your memory running at its peak!
Common memory problems i.E. Why we can't memorize, or we cant recall etc., Will also be tackled in this book.  The options available out there will be discussed, such as memorizing techniques, naturopathic/herbal solutions, which can be used to improve and even keep our memories running in tip-top shape!
This is a holistic, memory management package, not just mnemonics and similar techniques how to memorize better, but completely ignoring the other aspects to memory--found in most memory books!
Please look at the table of contents, if this appeals to you.
Table of contents
the memory
stages of cognition
1. Possession
2. Interpretation
3. Repossession
the dangers of memory loss
short and long term memory
how memory is gained
1. Acquisition.
2. Consolidation of memories
3. Retrieval
memory and your health
mnemonic tricks and tips
peg words to improve  memory
tips to improve your memory
the common mnemonic devices are:
Stay clear of confusion to improve memory
utilizing the environment you deal with
remembering names, places and other things
use sleeping techniques
recuperate diminishing memory
the stress of alzheimer’s
aromatherapy and essential oils
encouraging unique and creative ideas
getting rid of repetitive actions
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