Henry R.Schoolcraft

The Enchanted Moccasins and Other Native American Legends

At the beginning of the nineteenth century, Henry R. Schoolcraft immersed himself in the legends and lore of Native American Indians. For thirty years he lived among Indian tribes in the West and around the Great Lakes, where night after night he listened to master storytellers weave spellbinding tales around the dancing embers of lodge fires. Carefully chosen from the many legends Schoolcraft heard, this collection presents nineteen fables brimming with myth and magic. Originally part of the oral tradition and passed down to generations of Native American children, they have been lovingly written down to spark the imaginations of modern generations.Open the pages of this collection and enter a world where moccasins dance under a mysterious spell…where a little boy sets a snare for the burning sun…and where an old Toad Woman dares to steal a baby. Filled with unforgettable adventures readers of every age will cherish, The Enchanted Moccasins and Other Native American Legends includes such stories as:• Gray Eagle and His Five Brothers• Leelinau, the Lost Daughter• The Origin of the Robin• The Winter Spirit and His Visitor • He of the Little Shell• White Feather and the Six Giants…and many others. Historically rich and exciting, this treasury opens new vistas onto ancient Indian lore.
194 printed pages
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