Chuck Kimball

CCC Redux

Rich, Sabine, and Vic, three black operatives while on assignment during operation “The CCC” was unable to terminate some of those involved in bringing drugs and armory into the United States. Rich and his two partners had assassinated suppliers and agents in both the United States and Southern France, putting a dent in the supply chain. But the illegal trade operation is back in force. Once again, the black op's controller working for POTUS (President of the United States) has asked the trio to risk their lives. With his partners Sabine and Vic, they may have taken on more; than they can even handle.
From the Yucatan of Mexico in a hidden cenote connected to the Caribbean and then to Mexico City to kill the Chief of Detectives, these two men, and one woman most pursue the drug and arms dealers.
Is transporting dope and armory by one of the world's most erudite smugglers by submarine, too much for these three. Only time will tell. _ e connection to Russia for arms and the Orient for heroin and other places by drug dealers provides a continuous supply of goods that must be stoped or at least slowed down. Wounded and mentally tortured by a woman's love has kept one man to a breaking point at times. Will, the love for his country and the love for a woman, get him killed or seriously wounded, or will he remain in France with the woman he loves?

309 printed pages
Original publication



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