On Ethics, Diversity, and Conflict: The Graduate Years and Beyond, Vol. I, James Triplett
James Triplett

On Ethics, Diversity, and Conflict: The Graduate Years and Beyond, Vol. I

204 printed pages
The purpose of this book is to provide readers with an understanding of how ethics, diversity, and conflict are interwoven as well as a practical means with which to view situations from these angles. If one is looking for a “How to be ethical … in x easy steps” such as what one would find on the New York Times Business Best Sellers list, complete with the shallowness and laughable bases of the assertions, this is not for you. Rather than providing superficial and ineffective ways to find one’s cheese or be a leader in twelve easy steps I provide some frameworks with which to view the situations. What you do with them is up to you. Frameworks, much like microscopes or the five-step hypothesis model, allow one to analyze and better understand a situation before deciding what to do. Models do not make decisions, people ultimately do. Anyone interested in sparking a heated debate need look no further than the topics of ethics and diversity to spark lively debate.
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