Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Mozart: the man and the artist, as revealed in his own words

Mozart's adult life was an almost unbroken succession of artistic triumphs and personal disappointments. This collection of excerpts from his letters and from other writings offers a unique opportunity for firsthand insights into the great composer's life and personality.In his own words (as compiled by Friedrich Kerst and translated into English by Henry Edward Krehbiel), Mozart communicates his optimisms and anticipations, his recurrent hopes for a post with a fixed income and suitable prestige; his frequent discouragements when these hopes went unfulfilled and pecuniary difficulties ensued; his unhappiness at Salzburg and his maltreatment at the hands of Archbishop Hieronymus; and the circumstances of his love affair with Aloysia Weber and his subsequent marriage to her sister, Constanze. In all, the book contains 255 observations on such subjects as opera, musical pedagogics, love and friendship, religion and morals, composers and performers, the value of hard work, self-respect and honor, travel, and other matters. Extensive annotations provide background for each excerpt.
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    Katie Buonohas quoted5 years ago
    a musically talented boy who asked Mozart how one might learn to compose.
    Katie Buonohas quoted5 years ago
    Here, here and here [pointing to his ear, his head and his heart] is your school.

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