Yazir & Nina, Shvonne Latrice
Shvonne Latrice

Yazir & Nina

217 printed pages
Nina Joy Jeffries is a beautiful twenty-three year old in a dull, monotonous, and belittling relationship with military man Seth Brooks. Only sticking around to please her judgmental mother, Nina finds herself to be a caged bird longing to be released; even if only for one night.
Yazir Willis is a hardworking, assiduous, and very ambitious young man, who has worked hard for everything he's obtained; especially his title as the king of Los Angeles, and owner of Blue Dream Rolling Papers. Yazir possesses a trait that many people desire, and that's his unwavering faith in his abilities to get anything and anyone.
When Yazir meets Nina, he becomes tireless in his efforts to win the outgoing but confined beauty over. Nina finally allows Yazir, at his request, to take her out just once, in which he promises to leave her be once it's over. However, road flares fly when the two spend that one night together, leaving both parties longing to be with the other. There is only one problem though; Nina's overbearing fiancé, and her censorious mother Samantha.
Will Nina go against her mother and infuriate Seth, all for the love of the boastful, rich, and wild, Yazir? Or will she surrender to the criticisms of her mother, and the tight grip of her fiancé? And will Yazir be able to put his lothario lifestyle behind him for Nina? Or will his womanizing cause his pursuit of her to be in vain?
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