Iqbal Singh

The Quest for the Past

The book attempts to trace the journey of a more than three centuries old family whose ancestors were not only close to Guru Gobind Singh and fought in almost all battles by his side and Banda Singh Bahadur but also contributed to the freedom of the region of Punjab, India from the reins of Islamic (Mughal and Afghan) rulers. To compose this work, the author collected information from various books and literature related to his family, including old records left by his father. The book is about Sikhs, their history, misls, kingdoms, conflicts, religion, roots, and a family.

The author is the direct descendant of the seventeenth— century Sikh soldier and a scribe. Coming from one of the oldest Sikh families of undivided Punjab in India, his ancestors were closely connected with the history of Sikhs much before Maharaja Ranjit Singh formed the Sikh empire. Commissioned in the Indian Army, the author took early retirement after serving for more than thirty years in various parts of the country. While in service, he held a variety of staff and operational appointments. He handled military affairs at field, helm, command, instructional, and staff levels about operational intelligence and counterinsurgency affairs, which helped him to undertake this project. Colonel Singh is an avid golfer and is leading a retired life.
264 printed pages
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