Western Union Telegraph Company

The proposed union of the telegraph and postal systems

In the second session of the Fortieth Congress, 1868, a bill was introduced and a paper submitted relating to the “Union of the Telegraph and Postal Systems” in the United States, which has naturally attracted public attention and especially of that large class of our citizens who are identified with the Telegraph interests of the country. The paper bears upon its face such evident marks of care, and the case is presented with so much earnestness and apparent sincerity, notwithstanding the frequency of its errors and the illusory character of its appeals to the practice and experience of foreign nations, that it cannot fail to produce upon the public mind an unjust impression that the usefulness of this great invention is injuriously restricted, and its operations unfaithfully managed, by the organizations having it in control. To correct these erroneous impressions by calmly and respectfully criticizing the statements thus presented, and proving the honesty and fidelity with which the Western Union Telegraph service is performed in this country, is the object of this book.
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